Sith Lord "Blackout" Project

The 2007 Dodge Dalota Quad Cab painted in Brilliant Black Pearl 
has had the folwing Appreance Enhancements:

BLACK  Nickel Plated  20" x 9" SRT  Rims
O.E. Grill Painted to Match O.E. Color
Front Grille Insert Painted Matte Black
Front Fascia -  Painted to Match 
MOPAR  Steel Hood Scoop
MOPAR Brushed Stainless Steel Door Sill Covers
MOPAR Ureathane Door Side Moldings - Painted to Match
MOPAR Euro- Rear Tail Lamp Housings
Rear Tail Lamp Trim Rings - Painted MATTE Black
Dynamat - All four doors; skins, vapor barriers, and underside plastic panels
MITO Corporation High Resolution Reverse Camera and Rear View Mirror w/ Monitor
Parrot  Bluettoth Handfrees System MKi9100
Muth LED Turn Signal Mirrors

Pending Custom Modifications:
A one of a kind Rear Bumper to included "Thru" Style Exhast Tip Exits
Modified Stainless Steel Performance Ehaxust System
Cold Air Intake System
Re-Flash of the O.E. High Output 4.7l iter V8 Engine and Transmission

PHOTO ALBUM 1 - Side Molding, Parrot System, Side Mirrors, Rear Tails & Dynamat
PHOTO ALBUM 2 - Brake Components

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