Mopar’s 426 Hemi and Supercharged 354 V8

 Mopar's 2016 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak marks the first run through a supercharged motor alternative will be accessible for speedsters.

 Accessible to arrange from July 23, the 2016 Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak is a production line prepared bundle auto particularly constructed for racing.

Clients will have the decision of a 354-cubic-inch supercharged Gen III Hemi motor or an actually suctioned 426-cubic-inch Gen III Hemi unit. The supercharged 354 HEMI motor components a cast-iron piece, manufactured steel crankshaft, Mopar spec camshaft and a custom execution motor adjustment.

The actually suctioned 426 Race Hemi motor is in view of a Mopar aluminum hinder with squeezed in steel liners and aluminum barrel heads. Like the supercharged motor, the 426 Hemi likewise incorporates a custom motor adjustment. Both motor variants get an updated race-prepared programmed transmission.

The front suspension dons an one of a kind Mopar K-Member and suspension geometry, with twofold flexible pressure and bounce back struts. At the back there's a four-connection suspension with Panhard bar, Strange Engineering 4-inch strong pivot with 9-inch aluminum third part, 40-spline firearm bored axles, stuns with movable pressure and bounce back and a hostile to move bar. Contrasted and the past era Drag Pak, the back pivot mounting has been reinforced for quicker dispatches.

The new Drag Pak incorporates the Dodge Challenger front and back sash trim and an updated full move confine created to NHRA particulars. Other inside elements incorporate a Mopar gage pack, driver and traveler lightweight hustling seats, a security net and a five-point outfit.

Costs begin from $99,426 for the actually suctioned 426 adaptation, while the 354 supercharged race auto is accessible for $109,354.

Based on the production Dodge Challenger SRT8, Mopar's modern factory-prepped drag racer will begin as a special ‘Body-in-White’ chassis sourced from Chrysler's Canadian assembly plant. To reduce vehicle weight, major production component and systems are eliminated including the windshield wiper assembly, the complete HVAC system, all airbag components, rear seats, power steering system, exhaust systems and underbody heat shields, cross-car and side impact door beams, and the rear bumper beam and rear deck lid spoiler. The body sealer, sound deadener and undercoat are also removed at the factory - resulting in a total weight loss of around 1,000lbs.

The 116in wheelbase was shortened by half an inch. The cars also feature a front cradle with bolt-in crossmembers and solid engine mounts.

The Mopar Challengers have three engine options – a 6.1L or 5.7L HEMI or a 5.9L Magnum Wedge, as well as the choice of a manual or automatic transmission. An owner's manual will be provided to document the modifications made to the Challenger SRT8 as well as provide recommendations to finish the Package Car for Stock Eliminator competition. To take advantage of the weight savings, there are unique drag-race components in the Package Car program including: a composite lift-off hood with functional scoop, bucket front seats, polycarbonate door windows, a lightweight cooling module with electric fan, manual rack and pinion steering, a special cable-operated deck lid release, special lightweight front brake assemblies and special cable-operated throttle linkage and pedal assemblies.

Mopar will build a minimum of 100 Challenger Drag Race Package Cars to meet amalgamation requirements for the NHRA. The cars will eventually be eligible to run in three Eliminator categories - Comp, Super Stock and Stock. They will also be potentially eligible for 40 classes.

The Challenger Drag Race Package Car will be available for order in late August to early September and will start from the low to mid $30,000 bracket. Each car will carry an identification plate with sequential serial number.

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